Space which tells the story

Events of the Revolution of Dignity etched deeply in the memory of Ukrainians. They are remembered as an experience of struggle and victory. The way in which the events was happening reflected in the path made of corten steel like a scar in the middle on the Park na Valah . It begins near the Powder Tower and goes along the chestnut avenue, runs over the road and takes us to the other side of the hill.

Each breaking point represents a particular event and the actual date, telling us a story of that day. Because nothing should be forgotten. Because history teaches, and experience inspires. Each breaking point is the ability to turn aside and escape from everyday life, to plunge into the maelstrom of events that took place during the Revolution of Dignity. Number of fractures is the same to the number of turning points of the Revolution on the cornet path, there is the opportunity to stay away from the routine, to plunge into the whirlwind of events that took place during the Revolution. The path is tiled with corten steel mesh which the grass grows, like life itself, that grows at the side of past events. At night path is illuminated and visible different parts of the old town, a broken light and tortuous path. Corten path symbolize path of revolution, gets us through round slope up the bridge.

The circle symbolizes the history here that goes in around while the spiral is that in spite of everything, takes us to the next level of development and cognition. Climbing the slope, we have the opportunity to look around again, slow down the whirlwind of events and see what surrounds us around. Stop and thinking. Also, the circle is a symbol of the Bloody Thursday, 22/02, that day that many remember in every minute. Circle – a point of non-return during the Revolution of Goodness and Ukrainian history.

Walking up the ramp, we get to the bridge, which will take us to the other side of the park on the hill. This bridge also hangs over the way we came, allowing the observer to look back again, see his past path in a broader sense, and the path of the Revolution of Dignity – in the narrower. From the bridge we overlook the park, the chestnut avenue, on a corten path that tells us the story of events leading from the event to the event. This bridge hangs over the emptiness. Many people passed this path to the end, but some of them crossed this bridge to eternity. We can survive this day again, we can give them honor, those who passed it forever.

Bridge over the road – not only for the easy crossing of the transport artery to pedestrians, it is also a symbolic transition to the other side of life – in the Garden of Heavenly Hundreds. Here the terrain rises, leading us further along the corten path to the Walls of Names, telling us about the heroes that will newer die. It must be all the names of those who live now in the Garden of Paradise and all the memories of those who remained. It`s where the memory lives and tells us our story. At night, the hill is lighted up through the lights in a paving, so it is visible from the city center as a starry sky, where each star is a soul, a name in history and someone’s prickly flower in the heart.

Space tells us about memory. We are able to read this memory, passing corten path of events, walking through the Bloody Thursday circle, stopping on edge of the Eternity looking back in what was happened, than going over the road, we get to Heaven Hundreds Garden, home of the heroes and here on the Wall of Names you can read about Heroes Hundreds of Heaven, the memories of their loved ones and stay alone our feelings while looking at the city lives today.