Type: competition
Client: OPENGAP, AlterMall competition
Location: Lviv, Ukraine
Architects: Olha Kryvoruchko, Mary Protsyk, consulting: Vyacheslav Yakubovskyy.
Year: 2012

The BazarQuarter is situated on the place of unfinished buildings. Apparently, they will never be completed
and their function is already lost. There is a spontaneously built up market with chaotic planning,
uncomfortable walkways and confusing visual connections.The BazarQuarter is separated from the
surrounding urban structures through its closed character and centripetal internal communications.

GreenWalkingMall is conceived as an inclusions program for the existing BazarQuarter into the
surrounding urban structures. This is accomplished through the new planning structure that installs broken
links with neighboring quarters. Become possible invariant movement: slow passing, walking and buying,
rapid transit mall, riding a bicycle along new ways and to restore good visual connections.

GreenWalkingMall is a rethinking of concept of Bazaar. This maintains basic function – trade. We
propose to fill it with new features – you’ll need it to become live urban Public Space. We also add
a good piece of Green Space, missing in this place. Green roofs are the continuation of existing green

zones – to a green loop. Plus green park, arranged inside a Mall, gives a possibility of cross-cutting through
continuous green spaces.
The main idea of non-stop-walking across indoor and outdoor spaces, along walkways, bridges, ramps and
combined with bicycle moving provides full access to all areas, volumes and functions with a lot of fun from

Text on Diagrams
we propose an expansion of green zones to connect the terminated green loop
the proposal adds clarity to complicated pedestrian links and chaotic planning
including program for the existing BazarQuarter into the surrounding urban structures